Wedding & Marriage Ceremony Ideas

This section is a new addition to the site and contains various ceremony ideas.

There are many ways to celebrate your specially crafted ceremony. These could include things like a certain ritual, symbol or a cultural inclusion in the ceremony.

A ritual / symbol can be used in a ceremony ranging from a simple idea to something a bit more significant.

RELEASING DOVES a symbol of harmony with nature, free spirit, a peaceful and beautiful sight.

RELEASING BUTTERFLIES an ancient legend if you want a wish to come true capture a butterfly and whisper your wish to it who will in turn take it to the creator who will grant the wish.

WATER is one of the most powerful elements on earth as it can’t be broken, it represents the qualities of wisdom, love, enthusiasm and understanding.

THE SYMBOLISM OF CANDLES when lighting the candles this represents the union of the couples lives and the faith, wisdom and love received from their parents.

SHARING WINE IN A CEREMONY is symbolic of the cup of life.By sharing the cup of wine it shows an undertaking to share your future together drawing contentment, comfort and happiness.

POURING OF SAND into a bowl represents the mingling of marriage built on love, respect and a determination for both partners to adjust and support each other.

There are many rituals which can be included in a ceremony which capture all the cultural elements of one ancestry / family background.

THE RINGING OF BELLS signifies the divinity of marriage and to ward off the negative spirits.

THE HANDING OVER OF A HANDKERCHIEF represents the catching of the brides tears as she walks down the aisle.This handkerchief passed on by families has a family history and carries the generations of family tears.

THE EXCHANGING OF RINGS – Wedding rings are a couples public pledge of commitment. An unbroken circle is considered to be a symbol of perfection.

CUTTING AND SHARING CAKE – The richness of the cake is thought to offer prosperity for the couple and by sharing it with their guests they are sharing this prosperity and happiness.

Apart from these ideas for inclusion into your ceremony there are many various locations to celebrate your special day apart from the traditional venues.
Getting married in your favourite park, on your favourite beach, on a boat on the river, at your favourite winery, just to mention a few.